portable hydraulic rebar bender

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asked Sep 2, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WvZfdlm0 (620 points)
Single operated rebar bender has the function of bending and straightening, can bend steel to any angle between 0-130 degrees, adapt aviation aluminum material, IT’S only 13kg,high pressure directional control valve on the handle makes single person can operate, easy to carry. Simple and safe to operate, exclusive patent, industry leading, support customization.

Model: NRB-25
Voltage: 220V/110V
Wattage: 950W/1350W
Gross weight: 32KG
Machine weight: 24kg
Bending speed: 5-8s
Max bending: 25mm
Min bending: 4mm
Carton size(mm): 670*385*260
Machine size(mm): 560*260*200
Bending angle: 0-130 degree
Package: One Pc/Card board Ctn/Metal box
Certificate: CE ROHS

Construction rebar bender widely used for bending and straightening in railway,bridge, steel reinforcement cage, basement, building caps, cast in place http://www.odetools-en.com

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