18mm One Side Melamine Laminated Fire Rated MDF

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18mm One Side Melamine Laminated Fire rated MDF

The Fire proof principle of green moisture proof MDF is to add melamine or MDI type adhesive to the adhesive during the production process, and at the same time increase the amount of waterproof agent to increase the water repellency of the board, so as to achieve the purpose of moisture proof. At the same time, in order to distinguish it from ordinary plates and other special plates, especially in the process of production, green dyes are added. In summary, the green shade will change with storage time and sunlight exposure, but it does not affect its moisture resistance.

Advantages of FR MDF:

The most obvious disadvantage for the final consumers is the price point. The prices of solid wood furniture such as bed frames, tables, chairs and wardrobes are often significantly more expensive than their engineered-wood counter parts. The premium is due to more limited supply of such wood (trees don’t just grow overnight!) and the more delicate furniture manufacturing process. https://www.fiberboardchina.com/melamine-mdf/solid-melamine-mdf/18mm-one-side-melamine-laminated-fire-rated.html

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