3mm Fire Retardant HDF Board

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asked Sep 2, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_W4GGBsSH (880 points)
High-density fiberboard(HDF) is the best substitute for wood as a new type of artificial board,. It is widely used in building materials, furniture, household appliances, musical instruments, home decoration, etc. It is a new material with high quality and low price for multiple uses.

Dake's fire retardant boards are very popular in the Middle East. Whether it is a building material distributor, a furniture manufacturer or an engineering contractor, the demand of FR MDF is very high, and the corresponding requirements are also very high.

And DAKE'S FR MDF is classified as Euroclass B or C(EN13501-1) with low formaldehyde emission E1.

fire retardant mdf in red

Our thinnest board of fire retardant mdf is 3mm, which is also very popular one for mid-eastern areas and european countries because its good features and good performance. One side laminated fire retardant mdf of 3mm is the most common choice for thin board lamination. If you want to know more about fire retardant mdf, pls feel free to contact me by email: yolandahu@huqiancn.com.

black melamine faced mdf http://www.fiberboardchina.com/medium-density-fiberboard/fire-retardant-mdf/3mm-fire-retardant-hdf-board.html

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