Acetate Cloth for Sports Straps

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Product Description

Zinc oxide adhesive plaster is a kind of tape painted with adhesive made of natural rubber and zinc oxide etc on weaving-cloth back lining. It is used in surgical operation, for the fastening of dressing or catheter, and in sports protection, labor protection and industrial packaging as well.

Product Characteristics

1. 100% cotton fabric

2. Low irritation to skin

3. No residue glue left on human body

4. Reliable adhesiveness

5. Easy application

6. Zinc oxide adhesive provides strong fixation.

7. Tears easily by hand

8. Allows the skin breath freely


- Deluxe Rayon cotton

- Very strong adhesion

- High tensile strength

- Waterproof and latex free

- Conforms readily to awkward areas such as joints

- Ideal for securing dressings in areas where wounds may come into contact with water or oil etc

Premium Sports Zinc Oxide Rigid Tape is made from deluxe rayon coated with a very strong zinc oxide adhesive. The material has particularly high tensile strength and is completely without elasticity and has extremely strong adhesion. The thickness of the adhesive coating ensures it adheres. Secure adhesion to skin, underwrap or white dressing fixing tape (as in the patella taping packs), so the bandage will stay in place even under stress.

Because of the strong adhesive qualities this is a very good tape in harsh conditions such as rugby and ice hockey. The inelastic nature of the tape with good tensile strength means it can take the strain.

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