Damping Hinge 165°

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asked Aug 31, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WKd33wEk (780 points)
Clip-on special angle hydraulic damping hinge KT-165°

Model KT165,we call clip on special angle hydraulic damping hinge .This hinge

with it’s special feature ,can open angle up to 165 degree,which also is

hydraulic dampinghinge having the soft close mechanism integrated in the hinge

cup.Our standards Includes hinges, two holes mounting plates,.Screws and decorative

cover caps are sold separately.



Hinges with different advantages and disadvantages will have obviously different

hand feel when in use. Hinges with excellent quality have soft strength when opening

the cabinet door, and will rebound automatically when closed to 15 degrees, with very

uniform resilience. You can compare multiple switch cabinet doors when selecting

and purchasing to experience the hand feeling. https://admin.seo.com.cn/S_Product/Index

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