Media Distribution Box

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asked Aug 15, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WymVgeNL (1,480 points)
Product Description:

A. Material: Plastic cover and metal base box
B. Color: White
C. Wiring: Enough knockouts, easy to knock off. Spacious and convenient.
D. Size: concealed installation

1. High quality sanded cover, reserve temperature-dissipating holes .Effective air exchange; balance the heat, transfer the wireless signal outward high efficiently;
2. Made by cold-rolled steel-thickness 1mm, and Electrostatic spraying. no oxidation, corrosion and not easy out of shape.
3. Large space of the inner box, reasonable layout, besides to install with fiber optic components, and  enough space  leave for installing 1 ONU, 1 router,1 faceplate(2core),and 4 module;
4. Standard design, suitable to apply for communication projects and household decoration;
5. Compact opening and closing the door, easy using;

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