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asked Aug 5, 2020 in Electron Microscopy by hkhjhkjgk (120 points)

Zephrofel South Africa like how my body's been working as I've got into the lower numbers it's not like every single week I'm losing 3 to 4 pounds yeah and like I said I I remember movie was talking yesterday it's more about like obviously there now the diets and the comments are played like the most I'm in this er diet what you're putting in your body heat movie is like go good big big ropes [Music] oh man there's let's go let's go we're talking go go hey go there it is No 13-foot well eight seven six five four three morning hey go all you guys are gonna LA Fitness passes is like a really good your way up so no joke man follow me ah [Music] what Oh it's telling the goal is money gosh come on please that on it just go up the scope there you go let's go drop 



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