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Ingrown toe nails are a very Vitamove Back Pain Relief Review painful condition where the nail edge of your nail penetrates the nail fold. It is a commonly presented problem in the Podiatry clinic in which it can be treated conservatively without the administration of Local Anaesthetic or surgically with the administration of local anaesthetic. 

If you have this condition it is important that you seek the advice of your local Podiatrist who can treat your ingrown toe nails to prevent further pain and infection. There are two primary causes of ingrown toe nails. The nail can splinter off and can penetrate the nail sulcus (onychocryptosis) which is often accompanied by hypergranulation tissue. This type of nail is generally thin and broad, and if cut poorly, grows into the nail fold, it is a condition which is more prevalent among young adult men. 

Involuted nails which have increased transverse curvature and can grow down the side into the nail fold can also be a big problem. This type of ingrown nail is less likely to become infected but painful keratosis may develop in the nail fold. It is a difficult nail to manage at home and a spike of nail can easily penetrate in to the skin if cut poorly. The condition can be congenital or caused by poor fitting shoes in older women. These nails can easily become thickened (onychauxis or onychogryphosis) which can cause further complications. The podiatrist will thin your nails down with a drill burr: this will significantly improve your comfort.

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