Depression - An Unnecessary Ailment?

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A third herbal compound that is Meridian Health Protocol Review thought to benefit those that suffer from Alzheimer's is the use of sage extract. The one study that was done using sage extract on Alzheimer's patients did show an increase in brain function. However, the study was small and further work needs to be done before it can be established as a viable option for treating Alzheimer's patients.

Getting diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease is one of the most life-changing and stressful things that can happen within the confines of a doctor's office. Most people believe that once you are diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it is an immediate death sentence, but that is not true. Alzheimer's comes in stages and while very advanced cases will require 24 hour medical attention and care from a trained nurse or helper, the early stages of the disease are quite manageable with only a few small changes in your life, which is why diagnosing alzheimer's early is key.

A good tip for living with Alzheimer's is trying to do activities that are considered difficult for those with Alzheimer's, like balancing your check book or cooking or doing chores around the house during the times of day when you feel the best and seem to be thinking clearly. Alzheimer's doesn't really come and go, per say, but there are times when the effect is less than other times.

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