Id rather have more goals to Madden 20 coins

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asked Jun 28, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

 Id rather have more goals to Madden 20 coins grind for like those I listed.They may be focusing on madden 21 today, but most of us bought Madden NFL and place time and effort to enjoying, so they should be refreshing the material up until 21 comes out.

I didn't realize we were gont move back to"It's been nearly a week since content, I am sour." but here we are. Its not being salty, its wanting to grind for something. I enjoyed the draft voucher like most failed but there are strategies to keep the Madden NFL player base happy with small tweaks to Madden NFL. We don't require a large promo each week but we do want something to remain engaged.I don't disagree completely, but to some extent. 

The offseason (MUT year lol) is always rather bare, has been for ages. While I agree that more item content to engage in will help, they have enhanced the entire number of items you can engage with vs previous years. I think the best combo of everything could function as Replay (I think that's what they were) cards coming back on Tuesdays. You would have some thing every day but Sunday then.

Not shocking. Just one more thing checked off the list on the"Official Mahomes guide to winning the super bowl on your next season after being an MVP and buy Mut 20 coins cover boy". I can't even tell you the past Madden I purchased. 08, possibly? The only Madden I have saved in a box someplace is Ray's cover. I actually am thinking about buying this one. Who knows, maybe it is going to wake up something in me. I have not bought a Madden because 12 with the Ray intro.

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