My problem with OSRS gold sport is the lack

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asked Jun 16, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

My problem with OSRS gold sport is the lack of assistance from jagex and that. Probably the MMO dev I understand that will say to giving your accounts back if it banned and had been hacked, no. The only time I've ever heard of them even giving the accounts together with all the golden back is when a jmod was purposely leaking people's information to hackers.If you are lucky you can get your account back but never gold.

I honestly wonder what's currently going in jagex through the management's heads occasionally. I doubt it's a decision from the jmods tbh. The reason RuneScape game functions is them not incorporating stuff unless the neighborhood votes it.

I don't mind that. I remember submitting an appeal I haven't used for 11 from the 13 decades. Signed in just to learn it had been banned for using macros in 2016. Stated I did not even care whether the character was deleted I just wanted my account back so that I could play using my"primary" account. They said no, so I ended up creating a new account and starting over. As it arrived to account service, I learned to not trust Jagex. Don't even know why hackers would want my account back then, aside from becoming older it was essentially a noob account with the highest stat likely being in the 20-30s.

Well yeah, if you refuse grind and quests then RuneScape game isn't for you. However, there is really a ridiculous amount of content. The map is is there any safe sites to buy runescape money enormous with a bunch locations requiring special traversal/skill levels/achievement, things like treasure paths, Barrows, Castle Wars and other mini games, collectibles (pursuit things, bank/items, guild unlocks, music), playing the marketplace to generate millions.

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