I think TTs have to be Mut 21 coins boosted

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asked Jun 11, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

I think TTs have to be Mut 21 coins boosted. There should not be a single card, together with the exemption of a couple of authentic 99 stats (Hill, Hester, Ross, Moss = 99 SPD), a 99 stat. Instead there'll be cards that require a chem boosts to attain top tier. They ought to bring in fresh chems besides theme team such as college, division, and possibly even positional chems.I believe they need to completely redo Legends. 

They should do each of these: All base cards must become the Madden NFL player's power up. Then you pay to upgrade the identical way you do. That way we never have to await a Madden NFL player to acquire up a power, each Madden NFL player gets all team chems, and you'd still use good Madden NFL players. Each card has some worth in this manner. Stamina should affect defenders. 

In case a LB (who must all have their speed lowered greatly) runs round the field twice and 25 yards backward on a play, he ought to be worthless another play. It should issue, play with play, how it does on crime for fumbling.

There should be upgrading and downgrading. If you wan power down a Madden NFL player, you just click to perform it and it does the cheap Madden 20 coins whole thing, not 80 clicks to do every step. You pick a place downgrade or to up to and that's completed. I like the notion. Volume upgrading would be more of an issue because how would you manage PUP's vs. cards on your binder vs. cards you need to buy.

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