Foods That Can Help Truck Drivers Sleep?

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"Genetically, people differ in their Mela Luna Sleep Aid Review propensity for loneliness," says study co-author Louise Hawkley, Ph.D., senior research scientist at the University of Chicago's Center for Cognitive & Social Neuroscience, "and for many people, a difficult childhood event triggers chronic loneliness that occurs throughout their life," she says. Loneliness may seem trivial when it comes to your health, but it packs a powerful punch. "Blood pressure is as much as 30 points higher, and some experts believe being lonely could contribute to obesity, as well," Hawkley says. "Plus, people who are chronically lonely experience constant wear and tear on their bodies, making them age faster than non-lonely people."

The solution? "Do whatever you can to assuage your loneliness," Hawkley says. "Finding just one person you connect with can make a huge difference in how lonely you feel." Tips for less lonely, more efficient sleep: Consider seeing a therapist or even just keeping a journal to work through adverse childhood events that may still be making you lonely.

Seek out activities that make you feel less helpless and threatened. Buy a dog or install more secure locks if you find that fearfulness at night keeps your sleep fitful. Also consider empowering activities like strength training or self-defense. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Friends, doctors and therapists are all available to help you deal with the stress that can keep you from sleeping.

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