Animal Crossing New Horizons Financial Knowledge Introduction

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At Animal Crossing New Horizons, players repay Animal Crossing Bells through financial activities or hard work. All players live in beautiful villages with many talking animals. But the strange thing is that these animals look no different from ordinary animals. Players can also fish or harvest planted fruits and crafts to earn Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets. Since the release of ACNH in March this year, the game has become one of the most popular video games of the moment. In fact, this kind of game featuring loan repayment will spawn many financial business activities. The following is an introduction to ACNH’s financial theory.

The most basic principle in economics is the law of supply and demand. The prices of most game items will not change much. Various business activities derived from the game are widely welcomed by players. If a player wants clothes or furniture in the game, he can express his trading ideas on the community message board. Nookazon provides players with a platform to search for commodity prices and buy and sell items.

Some popular products will definitely be sold at high prices. For example, players all like a cat named Raymond, and the demand for it will definitely skyrocket. This means that its selling price will increase as players' demand rises. Players need to spend real money for the virtual currency in the game. There are many ways to Buy ACNH Bells in real money at eBay or a reliable agent.

There are many popular villagers in the secondary market that sell at random. This corresponds to the price in the principle of supply and demand when the supply is lower than the demand will skyrocket. People can write codes for villagers in black market cards and sell them to NFC chips. This is like plagiarizing luxury brands to meet the needs of the majority of players.

Players can sell local fruits on their island to the game store to obtain a small amount of ACNH Bells. If you buy out-of-town fruits from someone else's island and sell them on the island, you will make more money. Arbitrage is a mechanism that helps to set prices. Arbitrage in real life will increase the supply of goods, and the price will decrease accordingly.

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