Animal Crossing New Horizons Bank severely reduces players' deposit interest

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In the latest update of Animal Crossing New Horizons, the game team lowered the interest rate for players to deposit Animal Crossing Bells in the bank. ACNH Bells has always been the main currency of Nintendo's Sims series. Players can use Bells to repay mortgages and improve the infrastructure of their islands. But upgrading may cost a lot of money. But most players can earn Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket in a few days.

Players can use the ATM machine in the user lobby on the island to deposit their earned Bells to earn interest. This is the most steady way to grow wealth in the game. Some players can even take advantage of the system through the Nintendo Switch's date and time settings.

The good news is that the characters and new content that players are familiar with appear in the latest update. But the bad news is that Nintendo lowered Nook bank interest rates. The previous interest rate was 0.5% but now it has fallen to 0.05%. This means that the growth rate of players' wealth is reduced. Now this way of wealth growth is already the least efficient way in games. It may be the game official's method to punish time travellers. This part of the player can travel several years in advance to earn interest and return to the present. Since most of the game time in Animal Crossing revolves around the real-time clock, it is not surprising that Nintendo discourages players from using the date and time settings.

Nintendo directly sent each player an email about the interest rate reduction without sending any compensation items. New Horizons players have struggled to find other ways to earn Nook miles Tickets in the past. Many new methods have appeared on the Internet, including farming on Tarantula Island or selling radishes to other players' shops. Many players can still become extremely rich through other effective methods. Lowering the interest rate ensures that players who deposit too much in the bank cannot receive financial support for life.

Nintendo's behavior shows that it is the leader of Animal Crossing New Horizons. To avoid this happening again in the future, every player should start to consciously accumulate your Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells. Buying lots of Nook Miles tickets now will definitely help players in the future.Don't be too concerned about the interest rate cut this time. Quickly enjoy the joy brought by animal crossing!

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