I am in the office or in Cheap Rs gold

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asked May 20, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

I believe it's OSRS gold a fantastic point though, that is something I have learned about myself in recent years also. I've gotten worse and worse at matches through the years, and that I could figure out why. At some point I realized it's because when I was a child, gaming was. I played to be the very best, I had no interest in any competitive game and I pushed hard to be right at the very top, when it was competitive.

Now I really want to be good at games, I'm still motivated to improve. But back then I WAS games. A percentage of my identity was tied to being great at games, since I had pretty much anything else dedicate myself to or to take pride in. To not be good at games would have been to me like an existential crisis. Now tons of different sections of my identity not the situation, and I simply don't care much to stay razor sharp at everything.

Ive played on and off RS. If I dont feel like playing with I dont open the customer. I play games for fun, sometimes it just isnt fun for a year, but I come back because OSRS is. Take breaks. You can not play with 1 game indefinitely without becoming burned out.

This is something I noticed about gaming/gym etc.. Always feel super excited to game or go to the gym once I am in the office or in Cheap Rs gold bed but once I really have enough time to do it I dont need to. I then realised it's simply because I would rather do these things than be at work and thats why it seems like a good idea at the time. 

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