Players can plant cash cows in Animal Crossing New Horizons to obtain ACNH Bells

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Many players do not know that they can get a lot of free Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells by planting cash cows in the game. They therefore waste a lot of unnecessary expenses. Players can use Bells to pay for various items such as clothes and furniture that need to be bought. Most patience and responsible friends can do small business in this way to improve the fun of the game.

But one thing players must pay attention to is that when they pick a Nook miles Ticket from a cash cow, the cash cow will become an ordinary tree. But don't worry about the output of cash cows. Players can find out how to do it in the following game guide.

The first step in planting a cash cow is that players need to find some glowing golden dots on the island. Players also need to have at least 10,000 Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket reserves. If the players have insufficient reserves of ACNH Bells, they must deposit these necessary currencies before finding the glowing gold points. From a long-term perspective, this is very useful for players. If the players' ACNH Bells are really not enough, they can firstly choose to plant cash cows with less output. The consequence of this is that the Animal Crossing Bells the player will eventually receive will also decrease.

After doing this, players need to find a fertile land to dig up the places needed to plant cash cows. Then players must follow the process to turn 10,000 Bells into items. Or players can choose a certain number of Bells to put into use, but eventually the cash cow will also produce a corresponding number of ACNH Bells in proportion to the investment. After being converted to an item, you can plant cash cows. Players only need to wait for a few days to see the obvious growth of the cash cow and produce three bags of Bells. Going to the store to Buy Nook miles Ticket will become unnecessary. The ratio between the number of players invested and the number of outputs was 1: 3. For example, if A invests 5000 Bells, he will eventually get 15000 Bells. As long as this method is used properly, the store will stay away from you.

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