Animal Crossing New Horizons will restart in the near future

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Players can play the role of building houses on the island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Players can make friends with cute animal neighbors in the process of building their own houses. And it can help change the island where the animals are located to enhance the beauty or destroy their beautiful living environment. This is the least stressful social game in the game market today, which has the social elements and structure of MMO and the game pressure is very small. There is neither game equipment like other games nor DPS ceiling. Players only feel some pressure when catching fish, but they are happy when selling fish to earn Animal Crossing Bells.

But this pressure is still not small for some particularly sensitive players. For example, Kaitlyn Molinas spent 240 hours in the first leg of the game. Although she has a lot of beautiful clothes and a lot of cherry blossom petals, it also improves the environmental level of her island. But she said that these things never made her happy. She was depressed because she couldn't tear off everything and decorate anything. In addition to her, Emily Rand in the game also felt that social media was confused by her efforts to improve her island. She likes to play at the conference. But she said that although the initial panic buying event made her very interesting, there were always some inexplicable factors that made her unhappy. However, in general, resetting Animal Crossing New Horizons will bring players a new experience.

New Horizons also landed at a strange moment. Many players, including Lau, are in isolation or blocked. Social life is stagnant due to restricted movement. Although they found solace in the animal crossing, the rest of life was still extremely empty. Like a friend who provided her game console and gave up resources to help me start over, Lau's mother encouraged compassion for her. Lau is another player who understands this relaxation and compassion. She spent a few days actively contacting her friends and charging a simple social game through Discord before starting a new island.

Perhaps for these unhappy players, only resetting the game can bring them new feelings. Players can Buy Nook miles Ticket to trade some fun items to build their own house or flowers which may bring them a new experience. It is best for them to play with everyone, which will help them to develop their heartfelt feelings and the comfort of friendship. The game team has always attached great importance to the game experience of players and has been working hard to do this.

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