Players who planted cherry blossoms at Animal Crossing are now the time to make money

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The cherry blossom bloom cycle in Animal Crossing New Horizons is only ten days. During this period, players who planted cherry trees must seize this opportunity to sell cherry blossoms to obtain many Animal Crossing Bells. Players who want to buy cherry blossoms are also unwilling to wait another year to get the opportunity to buy. But there is another way to use ACNH Bells to buy cherry blossoms.

The industry-leading Animal Crossing marketplace Nookazon added an auction item feature to the game earlier this month. Players can use this feature to bid on items they want to buy. The highest price on the website so far is a bundle of 100 cherry petals. The initial auction price was 10,000 Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells but the auction ended with 2.8 million ACNH Bells. This price seems to discourage most people but is within a reasonable price range. The early spring season has passed. This has led players to plant items from the spring that are now all in demand on the market. Then it becomes reasonable that the price of goods is so high. As long as the players plan ahead, they should know that enough production materials can be collected in the season of crop production, and then they can be sold at a high price to earn unimaginable wealth in the season of crop shortage.

Players may be shocked when they see the price of these cherry petals. Nookazon though priced these petals at 100,000 ACNH Bells. However, the prices of the items created by these items are higher than all players expected. But players can easily collect petals falling from the sky. These items are only available to you when you travel or in the southern hemisphere, which means that the animal crossing economy has not yet fully relied on the value of these seasonal items.

In order to improve efficiency, players can collect petals and make finished products together with their friends in the game. Other players will collect anti-season items and sell them when the supplies are scarce to earn more Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets. This situation is not uncommon in games. Through the above methods, players no longer need to go to the store to spend real money to Buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket. This will also greatly increase players' enthusiasm for the game and attract more and more players to join the game to increase the popularity of the game.

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