Why do animals crossing fans worry about empty villagers moving out

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asked May 15, 2020 in H&E by Yucca195 (2,320 points)

Although Animal Crossing may become mainstream in 2020, the franchise and its community have a much longer history. Over the years, the development of customs, etiquette, and the entire concept may not be known to ordinary players. For example: “Void”, a place that does not require villagers to go, every animal traverses: an idea that players of New Horizons should know so as not to inadvertently mess up their friends’ villages. If I mess it up, then the easiest way is to buy some Animal Crossing Bells or items directly from IGGM, otherwise it cannot return to the original state quickly.

It is difficult to determine when the word “invalid” is created in the random or by whom. This idea seems to have been put forward at the “Bell Tree Forum”, one of the oldest and most stubborn animal crossing communities. Technically , this mechanism already exists in all Animal Crossing games, although we can see a blank discussion on the forum as early as 2013.

Terrifying terms refer to special events that occur when villagers leave your town. If I do not pick the villager up by others on the day of the move out, it may move into the “void”, an online space in Schrodinger format. It’s hard to tell the exact location of this information in this space, whether it’s the larger Animal Crossing server, or the information held by your games and the circle of friends you interact with.

Once in a state of nothingness, villagers may appear in a friend's village, assuming they have an open space and did not fill it up before it processes the game. This is a central mechanism and increases the complexity of the villagers. They will still remember where they came from.

However, the problem here is that "New Horizons" makes it easier than ever to get rid of "ugly" or "bad" villagers through mechanisms such as more and Mystery Islands., the vacancies of ordinary players may be villagers that their friends do not need. Hell, this has happened to Polygon.

One of my first villagers, Samson, was led away from my island very early. A few weeks later, my colleague Nicole Carpenter told me with a bit of horror that the braid had appeared on her island. I did n’t think of Samson long ago, but he came again, making someone very unhappy.

The entire concept of “void” has caused special etiquette in the veteran community: if you have a villager who is going out, make sure that he or she is adopted by the person who wants him. You can do this through various communities and markets, whether it’s social media, Discord or Nookazon. Even the infamous villagers have their fans, believe it or not. Therefore, if you can, please tell people you have a villager to grab, if not, please warn your friends, if they are not careful, they may be troubled by the role they do not want. In addition, if you want to quickly improve yourself in the game, you must need the help of Animal Crossing Bells, which can be obtained at https://www.iggm.com/animal-crossing-nook-miles-ticket


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