The real reason why Animal Crossing New Horizons fans fear the void

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Animal Crossing has just become one of the popular games this year. Players are also affected by this trend and the demand for Animal Crossing Bells has skyrocketed. But most players don't know the history of Animal Crossing's community, customs and the development of the entire game have been going through for a long time. For example, the void where the village name does not go. Every player should consciously not disturb his friends' villages.

It is actually very difficult for the concept of who created the void. But now there are comments that this concept may have been put forward by the oldest "Bell Tree Forum". This mechanism was present in the game as early as 2013 and players can see the discussion on this topic at that time. This sensational noun means something special that happens when players leave their town. If the players are not picked up by his friend before the specified date, the possibility of entering the void will be erratic. Whether it's the wider Animal Crossing server, or the information held by your games and the circle of friends you interact with.

As mentioned above, if players are in the void, they may disturb their friends' villages. Assuming that the players do not fill up the land before the system processes the vacant land, it will increase the complexity of the players' activities. But players still know where they came from. However, this is the problem: with the help of features such as amiibo and Mystery Islands, the game discards the ugly and bad factors. Players' activities in the game will also become easier. At any given moment, the vacancies of ordinary players may be villagers that their friends do not actually need.

So to sum up, players are better to avoid entering the void state to prevent disturbing other players' ongoing activities. And Animal Crossing is originally a slow-paced game which provides convenience for those who pursue slow-paced. Every player has the right to enjoy happiness in the game. Now what players have to do is to earn enough ACNH Bells through hard work to increase their happiness. However, players with good economic conditions can also Buy Bells Animal Crossing directly from reliable agents. Doing so can save players' worry and save some money. Wish players can enjoy real joy in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

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