Mental Health Vs Physical Health?

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asked Apr 18, 2020 in H&E by rosariawetzell (6,700 points)

He received one initial screening at Meridian Health Protocol Review our local VA outpatient clinic followed by one "Second Level Evaluation" at our regional VA hospital. The second evaluation was so unprofessional and seemingly dependent on the clinician's opinions, that I sought counsel from the BIAA. It was through them that I learned that my husband did, indeed, at the very least have a MTBI and should receive follow-up care and testing under "civilian" care guidelines. However, based on the opinion of the VA clinician, my husband's mental, behavioral, and physical changes have been attributed only to PTSD.

There are many current military and VA procedures and policies that will have to be adapted and improved in order to properly care for and diagnose our many returning heroes. The current level of care given to soldiers in regards to brain injury is definitely an example of this. If you or a loved one served in Iraq or Afghanistan and have experienced any of the symptoms of TBI or MTBI listed below, please push for a proper, complete diagnosis. Hopefully, if enough Veterans and family members stand up and ask for more, we will make the road ahead easier for our other returning brothers and sisters.

Neurological Symptoms of TBI include: memory loss; concentration or attention problems; slowed learning; and difficulty with planning, reasoning, or judgment.

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