OCD Forum - Why Your Therapist May Be Making Your OCD Worse

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asked Apr 17, 2020 in H&E by rosariawetzell (6,700 points)

In contrast, if I fall asleep with Meridian Health Protocol Review warm temperature and a light on, I usually either don't dream or have a good dream. I wonder sometimes why this is. I don't know everything about dreams, but here are some things I do know. Dreams are like your brain's way of defragging like a computer does. Defragging means rearranging information to make it more quickly and easily accessible.

Dreams are a way for the brain to try to figure out your problems and create solutions. Dreams tell you what you really want and if you really love someone or not. Dreams can sometimes tell the future, check the Bible for this. Dreams can help you determine where you stand with OCD. If you say no to rituals in your dreams, then you know that you are developing good non-OCD habits and are getting over OCD! So what can we do to influence our dreams? If we want to have good dreams, sleep with a light on or a night light. sleep in warm temperature that is comfortable to you. Sleep with a funny movie playing on the tv with the volume just down enough so that what they're saying is incomprehensible.

Serotonin is an vital neurotransmitter manufactured and found in the brain. Along with other neurotransmitters, serotonin helps to support emotional wellness and sleep patterns as well as energy levels, sex drive and appetite. Serotonin also can promote healthy concentration, a positive mental attitude, memory and mental alertness. Other neurotransmitters such as dopamine, as well as certain hormones like cortisol are also involved in maintaining balanced mood and feelings of confidence and well-being.


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