Fashion Eyewear - What Suits You the Best?

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Abuse of the eyes is nowhere as Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review prevalent as it is in reading, and this abuse frequently starts in childhood, and becomes fixed long before the child has grown up. People are apt to be unconscious of their reading habits, though they are not unconscious of the uncomfortable results, even when they fail to recognize the inexorable law of cause and effect.

You do not exercise a tired heart, or encourage a tubercular patient to play tennis, or put a hearty meal into an upset stomach. But you feel that the eyes can always be used, regardless of the circumstances. The eyes respond immediately to any physical ailment, yet the person who takes to his bed because he has a cold or a fever or an illness of some kind, plans to while away the time by reading. While he is resting his body to cure his ailment, he is continuing to tax his eyes, although they too are ill.

If you have a cold, your eyes are tired and inflamed. Whatever your illness, the eyes reflect it. Give them the same consideration you give the rest of your body. This recommendation applies with equal force to your regular reading. Even when you are in good health, it is foolish to read when the eyes are tired. The first rule, then, for vision improvement is to rest tired eyes before reading. If they are completely relaxed, you will see better and read longer without strain or tiring.

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I love designer fashion! I think Gucci has the best eyewear design. I really want to get a pair of Gucci sunglasses. But they are usually with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, my roommate sent me a Gucci replica guide that she read earlier and I am surprised to see how good quality these reproductions are. Girls, you must have a look!

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