Getting Yourself Reading Glasses?

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Most, if not all, of this discomfort can be Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review avoided by following a few simple rules: Instead of staring at the road ahead-that bemused gaze which is typical of most drivers-practice shifting the gaze from the instrument board to some distant object and back again, blinking frequently as you do so. This exercise encourages rapid accommodation, prevents staring, and relieves tension.

Sit erect with your head up and your eyes looking forward. That is, don't sink your head on your chest and peer upward or look from the side of the eyes. Keep your neck relaxed. It is always a mistake to drive for long distances without changing position. Stop the car, straighten up, pull your neck up high and move your head from side to side, taking deep breaths. Glance at some distant object-a tree, house, or boulder-and watch it come toward you swiftly.

Learning to read without glasses requires the substitution of good reading habits for bad ones. Practically everyone, as he grows older, finds it difficult to read unless he has kept the eye muscles flexible. If he has depended upon glasses, it seems troublesome at first to learn new techniques of vision improvement. There is a great reward in persisting in your practice of the new techniques as it will enable you in the long run to read without strain, headache, fatigue, or that blurring and watering of the eyes which is so annoying.

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