Wait at least to cheap Temtem Pansun

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asked Mar 26, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

 If you have ever played Temtem Pansun a Pokémon game, this should seem pretty familiar. Temtem showed on Kickstarter from 2017 and quickly gained support from thousands of backers, so much so the developers are planning to bring Temtem into Nintendo Switch.

Temtem's Kickstarter FAQs page, says the Shift version of Temtem will launch along with the full PC version in May 2020. But on Temtem's Steam webpage, the developers state that the game will not come out of early access until sometime during Q2 2021 or Q3 2021. "Temtem has grown a lot since its beginning, and our internal deadlines have been pushed around many times already, so we're not big fans of placing a trivial particular date because we will not be able to devote to it. Temtem will be in Early Accessibility until we believe that the game is complete enough.

That being the case, the match is not likely to start on Switch until the PC version is in full swing. That means owners will have to wait at least to cheap Temtem Pansun perform this match. Additionally, there are only plans for making a digital version of the game, so don't expect physical copies.Players are certainly interested in playing Temtem on other platforms, like Xbox and PlayStation. Recently, Crema, the programmer behind Temtem, has said that they'll probably make an announcement about the game coming to other programs. We will just have to wait and see what they say.

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