Who dont have ridiculous stacks of OSRS gold

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asked Mar 25, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

If the people that have high end content down dont actually want to shell out this cash then imagine how learners who dont have ridiculous stacks of OSRS gold money will feel paying for it. (Not knocking people who wont teach with this mechanic, I sure as shit wouldn't) Bosses like zulrah or even GWD ya you can certainly tele out. Not always readily avoidable with things like raids when you are learning.

Most men and women die far more than that learning zulrah, you are probably in the lowest 0.1percent of deaths should you just died twice. You also did not mention the up to 300k fee it carries, which does not scale with equipment And what happens when you don't have any liquid money into your bank to cover your gravestone within 15 mins? Your items are gone if you could"technically" manage it or not. It is just stressful.People are becoming too involved in the charges to see that every other part of this upgrade is a positive shift.

If worlds go down for at least an hour it is still possible to get your stuff back, you can not keep your whole equipment set by simply using unteadables. Your gear is in each world and not just the one which you died on (hope you didn't forget!). I really do think that there must be a sliding scale in regards to the place of deaths. If you die at a high level boss such as vorkath or buy runescape gold for iphone cash snek at which you can consistently earn 2m+ per hr, there should be some form of death tax. But if a low level RuneScape player dies at kbd or someplace similar I feel like the passing should be free, but nevertheless feature gravestone mechanics.

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