Be Careful About Inexpensive Eyeglasses Which Would Do Harm Your Eyes?

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During college days, I remembered when weVision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review   took the college entrance examination. A friend of mine did not pass the physical exam of the school because he is color blind. How could this happen? Is it possible that a person is color blind? Let me first discuss what color blindness is. Color blindness or color vision deficiency is the inability of a person to know the differences between some colors.

Color blindness is due to a default gene and it can also occur due to eye, nerve and brain damage or exposure to chemicals. A chemist named John Dalton, a color blind conducted a study about color blindness. Because of his work, the condition was named Daltonism. This term is now referred to as Deuteranopia. It is classified as a mild disability. There are situations that color blind individuals have an advantage over those that have normal color vision because they can better penetrate certain color camouflages.

The human retina has two kind of light cells. The rod cells that is active in a low light and the cone cells that are active in a normal day light. In a normal eye, there are three kinds of cones that contain different pigments. These pigments are activated when it absorbs the light. The absorption capacity of the cones differ, one is sensitive to a short wavelength, one to a medium wavelength and the other one to a long wavelength. The absorption capacity of these three systems covers much of the visible spectrum.

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