The issue with the existing Dofus Kamas Suffering system

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asked Mar 20, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by Rskingdom (4,660 points)

The issue with the existing Dofus Kamas Suffering system is that it restricts Sacriers to a single role that is selected at the onset of combat and cannot be changed for the rest of the fight, which restricts the amount of spells which can be utilized. This results in monotony and too little depth. While the first intention was to allow Sacriers to transition from Favorable Suffering to Negative Suffering to accommodate to the situation, people have wound up having to play only at maximum Suffering in order to get the best bonuses, whether Positive or negative (but we will not lie, it is actually almost exclusively Negative Suffering, especially in PvP).

Each range of Vitality values corresponds to a particular amount of Suffering: for example, a Sacrier who is between 50 percent and 40% of their maximum Vitality will be at Suffering 6. Thus, Suffering can no longer be negative, and fluctuates between 0 and 10, with each amount of Suffering providing ever-greater bonuses on closing damage inflicted and ever-greater decrease of closing damage received.

This manner, Sacriers will no longer have the ability to inflict huge damage or severely reduce incoming damage while they have full Vitality; rather, they will have to take risks and take damage so as to find these bonuses, which better reflects the"berserker" fighting mode that they're intended to possess. For Sacriers, Vitality therefore becomes a resource in its own right - one which you'll occasionally have to invest in order to buy Kamas Dofus Retro finish off your enemies, and at times save in order to live or to protect your allies by using your own body as a shield.

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