The lawsuit has been filed at OSRS gold

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The lawsuit has been filed at OSRS gold July 2019 against Jagex and its parent companies. The"largely handwritten" suit (as neighborhood socket PennLive describes it) alleges that Jagex'muted' him for no reason in an unnamed online game in March 2019. While the game is unnamed, Jagex's limited publishing album and the term'muted' both imply that it's some form of Runescape.

Muted Runescape players can continue trading playing with other gamers, but aren't permitted to access text chat. Elansari contended that this was"unequal treatment," because there are several other players that are not muted.

The answer to Elansari's claim of violations under the Civil Rights Act was similarly dismissed.

Elansari has filed at least 10 suits. For lighting a marijauna joint facing a Bloomsburg University police officer in 2014, he had been detained and fined $100, and he tried to appeal the fine 2016. The judge dismissed his appeal as a"rambling diatribe on the Cheap Runescape gold alleged virtues of marijuana." Elansari runs a Twitch channel named The420Streamer, where he says that he was"suspended from law school for legalizing weed." His broadcast record comprises daily streams of Old School RuneScape up throughout the week of January 19, 2020.

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