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asked Mar 13, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by Rskingdom (4,660 points)

Unpopular view, but these are fundamental RuneScape gold issues I have with RS3 that I actually like about OSRS. Run energy: Yes it is annoying to operate out, but also suggests that Agility has a distinct use, which it lacks entirely in RS3 right now. If not for Vis Wax, law runes will most likely be dirt cheap, since lodestones are far superior to conventional teleports. I can not say I am a huge fan of RS3's UI. There is about 5-10 distinct windows and ports that you'll likely have up at any time, and it is a pain when they break because of longstanding bugs. It's also a ideal pain to try and navigate the UI for such and configurations. I really do concur with keybinds, surge, and the activity bar though. Granted, the action bar and surge are EoC.

There are some drawbacks about rs3's approach, but I find the overall benefits to be well worth it. Also for your points about law and agility runes, agility is still quite helpful for shortcuts and ordinary teleports are helpful for things like farm runs.Energy and endurance and Ability devalue each other. You can binge on stamina or energy potions without having to train Ability in OSRS. And unlike RS3, OSRS's agility advantages have decreasing returns so you get most of the benefits at lvl 50. Thus, obtaining a high agility level is more worth it in RS3 than at OSRS.

I am honestly still not convinced that OSRS is anything more than the obsolete game that's surviving entirely on nostalgia. It's Runescape how it looked like at its peak and people would rather go back to what they recall. Ok not entirely nostalgia. After all, OSRS was made solely because of participant backlash when EoC was released. After I sent my laptop over for repair I downloaded osrs on ipad (since rs3 is not yet on ios) I got same sense (run fast off electricity, zero teleports lodestone. I did 2 very easy quests which in ordinary situations will buy rs3 gold require 15min each they took just like 1.30hr just for WALKING back and forth from Lumbridge into Draynor.

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