I am not sure whether Dofus Kamas

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asked Mar 11, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by Rskingdom (4,660 points)

I am not sure whether Dofus Kamas that is how it works now but the ornament/title for the top league you achieved should probably be retained when the reset occurs so we have something to show for our hard work. The text region of the ornament should probably incorporate the most recent season that the league has been attained, for example: S2 - IV Or simply S2. Can be the. Resets will be healthful for kolo as it will encourage more involvement instead of stagnate. New folks may be demoralized to reach the top if the top spots are thousands of games before them. This can also force participation from players that only kolo to maintain their place since they'd want to re-climb.

A good idea may be to employ a system that places you higher/lower depending on the league you've achieved last season. By way of example, beginning from Crystal I if you're legend and/or Silver I if you're Crystal I last season. This may alleviate the initial level/gear imbalance for individuals that achieved lower rankings. Many matches with imbalances between players have this type of system executed, ex: Duelyst. Knowing the precise date of the kolo reset would be useful. I started this year really late and might not make it to legend, when at all possible, so knowing when it's ending would allow me to determine how tough I would need to push or if it is attainable given the remaining time.

Would you guys please attempt to improve the timers for each character per turn because that's a massive problem for me personally and I am sure many dropped the exact same as well, the system is so unfair given only a 40sec for each player, some classes need additional time to create most of their turn, imagine playing a chess game where you simply have a 40sec to create your next move, you may, undoubtedly, rush your drama and shed a massive opportunity because you didn't have enough time to grab it. Some type need far more time than many others, as an instance, pandas have a tendency to take their time when they are positioning, and when they're done they frequently find that they simply have a few more seconds to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale perform and sometimes it's simply is not sufficient to make complete use of the AP and that's is just sad. I have lost so many significant struggles mainly because I ran out of time.


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