Plantar Fasciitis Causes and Treatment?

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Sprains seem to be the most common ankle  Vitamove Back Pain Relief Review complaints. There are perhaps as many as 175,000 people who sprain their ankle every week in the United States alone. Sprains are graded according to their severity, and there are three grades, Grade I to III. Grade I is the least type of injury while Grade III is the most severe type of sprain.

Arthritis and overuse of the joints are fairly common causes of ankle pain. We have to admit to ourselves that as our bodies age, they are less able to deal with even minor injuries.Prevention, Treatment, and RehabilitationTo help relieve the swelling and pain of an ankle injury, following the acronym RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) will provide immediate short-term relief. The injured area should be rested (no walking using the ankle!). Immediately after the injury, an ice pack should also be applied, and the area wrapped in bandages. Finally, the ankle should be elevated.

Depending on the severity of the sprain, however, you may have to talk to your physician if the pain is too much to handle or if there is a possibility that your ankle is broken. When considering long-term treatment methods for ankle sprain, the benefits of having proper ankle support should not be underestimated for pain relief and promotion of the healing process.

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