Having more options like with OSRS gold

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asked Mar 2, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

Having more options like with OSRS gold change scape takes away from this rng the more in any respect, of the kill you can manage without using any food. There in lies the challenges, the harder the boss that Jagex creates ideally the harder it is to not bring some food. So far better folks have the option of bringing in more switches effectively. You can and you shouldn't although you do not have to. Collecting things, finding a niche use for them and optimising. This is part of the heart of Runescape, that's because it emphasizes that fact why ironman is satisfying.

There's a limit to that if you don't need to and you don't really have to do too much switch scape. You do need to bring a switch that is lunging. Ideally you should bring planted feedvigour + adren pot that is simply since they are so OP. You don't really need to 4tick, but I compulsively I get any enjoyment from it at this point such that I accidentally attempt to 4tick onto melee. 

That brings me to my stage. Beside planted feet/vigour/adren pot of the attempt exerts are required to do high end pvm. With PROPER principles you don't have to use them although it seems like it's because the people that you may look up to may optimise their set-up.

A lot of people got to warden title near release with how to make money on runescape 2018 only a scythe and a strykebow was not used by any drygore for a shield. You did not even have to 4tick it was a thing. You don't even need to spell out book swap to even 2k telos or 1k.

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