I really do love the idea of Dofus Kamas

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asked Feb 24, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by Rskingdom (4,660 points)

I really do love the idea of Dofus Kamas having more dmg and reduced dmg taken at lower lvls of hp but with the system working based off% hp, erosion can seriously screw a sac up. We lose on our dmg and resist while shooting dmg. I know this sounds broken but possibly with an ability that utilizes up blood piles to bring back a number of our erosion hp(without curing us) to somehow mitigate it. That will help us maintain a good quantity of maximum hp so we could actually utilize the newest hp mechanic(since our dmg and withstand is going to rely on our own hp now).

The previous problem with suffering as you mentioned was that it had been always one way because the start of the struggle (positive suffering or adverse distress ) because it took too long to change and only wasted moves. I believe from it being a 100% uptime buff that we had changing a lot of abilities another problem was. With something like bloodstream piles that we get from using certain spells and then utilizing them up just like a battery to be recharged is a good way to make folks believe on how they ought to spend blood piles.

Either using it for a very strong shield from coagulation since you know that you will require alot of harm or employing the fees to do some excess dmg to finish a battle faster or manipulating the map to have a more positive installation. For limitations things like spells requiring a certain amount of blood stacks. Using blood stacks up makes you unable to acquire more blood piles. Taking more bleed damage the higher blood stacks you have so you're forced to utilize them or take more dmg at the start of your next turn.These are only thoughts and know are difficult to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale balance and add to the game. But I think they would add yet another lvl of game play on top of managing our new resource(HP).


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