Whom Are Rectangle Eyeglasses Suitable For?

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AMD can affect senior members of the family  Vision 20/20 Protocol Review  in a variety of ways, turning the most basic tasks of daily living into an exercise. Some of the ways low vision may affect your elderly loved ones include (but are not limited to) the following: Impact on Daily Living Activities: These daily tasks include activities like bathing, moving about within the home, eating, dressing, grooming, etc. The attempt to fulfill these daily activities can put your senior family member in precarious situations that may not have been considered risky prior to the loss of vision.

Impact on Driving: Understanding the combination of skills that are needed to drive a vehicle, we can understand how impaired vision can cause many complications. If adequate lighting is not available, this can put your elderly loved one as well as other drivers in danger, especially at night. Impact on Social Life: Low vision affects the social activities of elderly persons in a number of ways. Psychologically, low vision limits senior citizens because they are often afraid to leave their homes. 

Studies have shown that low vision adults have a much harder time moving about in unfamiliar places than in their more familiar homes. How Can Low Vision Be Treated? AMD is a bilateral impairment to vision that significantly impairs the functioning of the patient and cannot be adequately corrected with medical, surgical, therapy, conventional eye-wear or contact lenses. It is often a loss of sharpness or acuity but may present as a loss of field of vision, light sensitivity, distorted vision or loss of contrast.


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