Expert Facts on External Hemorrhoid Treatment

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Sometimes an individual may experience theHemorrhoids Horror Healed Review anal veins swelling or have inflammations. This bulging and dilated rectum and anus veins is what is referred to as piles. Also known as piles, it is usually brought about by the weakening of the blood vessel muscles due to the pressure applied on the wall lining the anus. The enlargement usually results in the formation of a pouch-like extension under the skin and around the anus (external). The professional external hemorrhoid treatment should be able to diagnose and understand the symptoms. The piles can usually be experienced at any time although is mostly seen to occur during the advance age periods. That is, between the ages of 40 and 70.

When going for an external hemorrhoid treatment the individual must first be in a position to understand the causes and symptoms that results to piles. Most of the causes and symptoms are usually the daily activities and routine procedures done by the person. Such cases like prolonged sittings, having too much weight, and anal sexual intercourse between two partners are the common contributing factors. Although the symptoms of anal fissures also shows small amount of blood on stool or faeces, this is also a major way of detecting the piles problem.

For the external hemorrhoid treatment, the doctors or the patient might opt to use certain methods like laser coagulation, infrared photocoagulation. and hemorrhoidectomy. The latter is usually suggested to be used in cases where the individual is suffering a type of piles known as prolapsed piles. For other kinds like those with thromboses it is better to opt for the drainage option. These combined with self care can be used to prevent even further attacks of the illness. It is therefore important for the patient to know which tests (if any) he/she should undergo.

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