Sunblock Versus Sunscreen?

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asked Jan 28, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by mathewjohn (8,820 points)

Knowing about skin diseases like cutaneous Gaias Protocol Review  lupus is important, both for those that are dealing with it and those that never will. Hopeful doctors will eventually be able to develop a cure and allow those that suffer from it to live normal lives.Be sure to visit your GP if you feel you are suffering from a skin condition. There are so many products like anti-aging and perfect skin promises out there, it is easy to get your hopes up. Your dermatologist will be able to tell you based on your skin type etc which solution will work best for you.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease and there are actually several different types of this disease that individuals can suffer from. When most individuals think of the word Lupus they automatically think of how it affects an individual's internal organs and systems. What they do not realize is that there are several skin diseases associated with Lupus as well. There are three different types of Lupus that focus on the skin rather than the internal organs of the person.

One of the most noticeable symptoms of any type of Lupus is that it affects the skin with rashes. Lupus can present with a butterfly shaped rash on the individual's face that covers the skin under each eye and connects over their nose, almost like a mask. Many times this rash is not as severe as the rashes that an individual suffering from one of the types of Lupus skin diseases would be. The rashes and sores that do occur from this can be embarrassing and painful. It can even lead to scarring depending on the severity of the rash and sores.

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