Dofus is in full swing and growth is progressing

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asked Jan 10, 2020 in H&E by MMOexpshop (1,040 points)

The production of Dofus is in full swing and growth is progressing Dofus Kamas quickly. Many visuals are presented and Tot would like to divide Dofus with the team into 3 different modes:A"PvP" mode: Divided into 3 categories: 1v1, 2v2 and a mysterious Battle Royale mode, at the boxes to get a hell of a time! A"Quests" mode: It is to offer a more MMO experience, with Dungeons (and Dragons), temples, dens and prisons, each place having a committed Dofus gameplay.

An"Asynchronous" mode: More reminiscent of mobile Dofus games such as Clash Of Clan. You'll have the ability to build a stadium and attack those others. The tone of this series getting seasons after seasons longer and more"mature" (Quotes made in Ankama), distributors are starting to withdraw. FranceTV (having more problems on France 4 side) doesn't want the series and Netflix judges the outcome of the S3 insufficient to continue.However, Ankama will commit to produce some episodes (at least to introduce Waven well, putting after the S4). A Kickstarter is going to be set up. All information will be communicated early 2020.

In addition to big big Ankama stables, Tot also shares the advancement of Arke?s, a brand new board Dofus match and also two other animation projects. The very first, Princess Dragon, is already well-known and is entering its own dubbing stage. For the second, it's a series of Animation around the world of the plank Dofus game"Monster Slaughter", in collaboration with all the studio"No Border". Tot is surprised by the incredible success of these Retro servers, particularly in a little longevity. After a week, Dofus in 1.29 has as many Dofus players as launching.

Faced with this craze, an idea came to the Unity portage group: Rather than sporting Dofus in its current version, why don't you wear an altered version of Retro Dofus? In full 3D"tears", mobile and PC and using a base adapted to a Dofus match of the 2020s, the question can arise. Passing 1.29 on Unity will produce a good foundation for Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale growth (proposed from the start!) Imagine if the 1.29 was created with the intent of implementing successes 2 decades later!) . Of the upgrades made on 2. XX would subsequently be reviewed and added one by one, refined features and modifications that did not hit the place.

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