This April event delivers a new childhood as Dofus Kamas anticipated

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asked Dec 13, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by Rskingdom (4,660 points)

This April event delivers a new childhood as Dofus Kamas anticipated! In the app? All you have to generate an extension that is superb! And beginning with 3 new areas gathered on a temporary island, starting during the period of Pwak and accessible via a carrier at the Village of Amakna. From degrees 50, 130 and 200, you can find chocolate shapes of ancient monsters in addition to fresh and obviously dungeons for each piece! Total, Pwak's island will also give you new successes leading to some Dofus: The Dofus Cocoa. Presently, it is not unanimous. It remains very low with a bonus, if amount is reduced.

Lovers of infrequent drops, each dungeon will allow quite lower prices (0.1 to 1% depending on the level of the Boss) to get a solid pair of Apparat Chocolate! With this patch also come brand new gear! 3 Sets of level 60, 130 and 200 seem with some solitary objects!New legendary items will appear this year. We don't know what the changes with the update will be, except that they will produce the attribute encounter more customizable, with a new system for progress and backup. The mystery, however, always hangs around the rewards! Observing the survey proposed into this area, the ribs will be reset.

A brand new season will begin and end in the exit of the class balances, which aren't contained in 2.51. Logan, Producer of Dofus, made it clear that all of your comments was taken into account and the Leagues must evolve in the long run, but maybe not with this particular patch. He also will not be at the preparation of this update. Is it for the September upgrade? In any case, it's not planned to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro leave his obtaining that was old. The Vulbis will probably be obtained by means of a string of quests, and just through this one.

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