Compared to this Dofus Kamas retro servers

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asked Nov 22, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by Rskingdom (4,660 points)

Compared to this Dofus Kamas retro servers in which there is hundreds of people going through gobball dungeon at any given point in time, lots of low degrees because it is slower to level up and lots of people wanting groups because everything is greater in a large set of 8, instead of the 4 people use on ilyzealle.

It's an entirely different version of the Dofus sport (10 years distinct ) but if that's the Dofus you recall then it might be more suited to you. If you want I would not really reccomend it to anybody and this anyway, it is far slower and more buggy that wants a total and polished MMO experience. Ilyzealle is better in most aspects, but really lacks the community feel that Dofus retro brings. That can be easily the most important aspect to MMOs for a whole lot of people.

I'm new to Dofus retro. Maging is exactly the same in both 1.29 and 2.0 so any 2.0 manual should work good excepted for the leveling component that is different.So is my first time playing Dofus retro and I have 0 experience maging items I have a tailor lvl 65 currently magus 60 but I cant find a manual thats relevant to this version of the, and many of the new one talk about a"sink" system that you would see while maging an items but really isn't true in Dofus retro.

It is mostly the same as every other present guide, with the only real change im aware of is that they changed the importance of energy runes.It's probably the only part of the Dofus game that hasn't changed. Professions changed and the Mage UI got a massive upgrade, obtained new runes too, however, the mage mechanisms are the exact same.So essentially any manual ought to be fine. Regrettably isn't a lot out there in English. Maybe some articles between impsvillage as well as the Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro but no full complete guide as there's a LOT.

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