What is Confidence, Why is it So Important & How Do You Get Some? Top Ten List?

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asked Nov 11, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by reginafancy (9,820 points)

Not quite.You are fully responsible for what  7 Day Prayer Miracle Review you are. Someone else's opinion of you won't change your life.You cannot afford to sell your self worth to someone else's mere words nor so easily succumb to their assessment of you. You are you. Unique and original.You must take responsibility for your life and control your thoughts and actions and chart your individual history.

Yet another key is to be PURPOSEFUL or  pursue purposefulness in whatever you do. Do what you love to do. When you get a summer job,yes, do it with all your might! Go out of the way. Excel! Make a difference. Be a team player. Set small goals and work towards them. Achieve, climb. When you are older these small wins will lead you to victories in achieving.

Being purposeful requires you to be mindful of the direction you want to go. WRITE down your action plan. Write down your goals . If you are not clear about your goals you are living on fantasies. I mean if you are driving to a distant place and if you don't have a map or direction you'd be wasting time,energy and money and may even just quit going that way.With a written map you'll steer your life towards an anchor , destination. Be prepared to pay the price for your success.You have to make your dream come true , breathe life into it.



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