Mistakes People Make When Wanting to Master an Area?

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asked Oct 24, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by jeromeprincy (10,460 points)

In most of these cases, the person's Dormant  7 Day Prayer Miracle Review Diamonds are not utilized and the person is un-developed or at best, underdeveloped. The field of Marketing would not exist if entrepreneurs could not develop or, at least, recognize the advantages of their product or service in comparison to that of their competitors and exploit them before the buying public. Did you ever wonder why, in a free-market society, there is such variety of goods and services?

Why are there numerous brands of toothpaste on the market, when in reality, they all perform a similar function. The reason is that each brand is boasting of a benefit or benefits that the others do not offer. In marketing language, these benefits are called Points of Differentiation. These Points of Differentiation are much like the Dormant Diamonds that all human beings possess. These attributes need to be discovered, developed, demonstrated, displayed and directed for all the world to see. I'm going to give you valuable information derived from my own experience and by Mike Hernacki and his wonderful book, "The Forgotten Secret to Phenomenal Success". 

In this article, I'll extract several nutritious nuggets of wisdom from the second section of his second chapter "The Mechanism Forgets" and add my own comments so you have two ways to put it into use for your own benefit: Hernacki discusses "programming" in this section, which I call social engineering in my own comments below. He explains our minds have been programmed with the best intentions from the parental and teacher authority figures in our childhood and gives examples from his own life to explain how this happens:'


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