Steps to Business Success

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asked Oct 23, 2019 in H&E by Cynthiarichards1701 (2,040 points)

Once the outcome is clearly defined, a 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review plan or a strategy has to be established. As Sun Tsu writes in The Art of War, "Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought." The same rule applies to goals and objectives seeking. The game is won in the strategy room where the plans are made. The plan is the map that will lead to the objective. It is one of the most important tools in goal achieving yet it is also the most neglected.

People will spend more time planning a two weeks vacation than they will on planning an entire life. The we'll-see-as-we-go attitude is not good enough. No head of corporation, army general of head of state would ever dream of wigging it by ear and neither should we. A well thought off plan is absolutely necessary.

Once we have defined the objective and mapped out a plan, the crucial part comes in and that is massive action. This is truly the decisive part. This is where success or failure is spelled out. This is what separates the winners from the could-have-been. Massive action implies exactly what the term says. People who have attained huge success are known to work long hours. They are dedicated, involved, passionate, focused, committed and determined.

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