Success Strategies - 3 Tips to Help Women Overcome Obstacles and Reach Their Dreams?

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asked Oct 23, 2019 in H&E by alisaprincy (10,120 points)

So there you go. As the saying 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review  goes hard work pays off. After several rejection slips I did land a decent publisher for my spiritual book. It comes out in early 2010. Naturally, once we start seeing some fruits for some of our labor, we are encouraged and motivated to work even harder. As a reward to us, Life also has a way of blessing us with synchronicities and meaningful coincidences. In the past month I have been on a real high as my marketing specialist for my book of poems, and I have been working very hard at marketing the book. 

I have been calling the local BN and Borders and he has been sending out review copies and answering any questions the managers may have. We are motivating each other. He says it's very refreshing when an author jumps in and helps market the book at the local level while they work at moving it to the national level. I realize that not everybody is an extrovert, like I can be, but it is still a writer's responsibility and duty to work with the publishers until they become known enough so they don't have to, or until they land an agent to do the work for them. It's something anyone can learn to do if they want to see their 'baby' (as I refer to all my books) in the bookstores. This applies to all other avenues as well, be one a singer with Cd's to promote, a painter with paintings to sell, and so forth.

Back to writers. Once we do land a publisher who will work to promote our book/s then the energy shifts. Our subconscious mind starts to send us more creative ideas on how to become an even better writer. This goes for all areas of life. We have to keep putting energy, and enthusiasm and a lot of positive feelings into our endeavors so the dream and energy gather momentum. As this happens more doors open and people start showing up out of the woodwork who are ready, willing and able to help us. We have to get our energy built up because people can sense it. When we are feeling good and in the flow then they can take in our vibes and this helps to encourage and empower them.

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