The 7 Deadly Enemies of Goal Achievement Success?

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Therefore, by considering the etymology or  7 Day Prayer Miracle Review origin of the words 'prosperity' and 'wealth' we learn that these words are originally derived from words such as 'good fortune,' 'well-being' and 'wellness.' The original meaning of 'well-being' is 'to wish or will a better existence' and 'wellness,' as 'to act to make well.' Thus, prosperity and wealth both, according to the original derivation of the words mean 'to wish or will a better existence' and 'to act to make well.'

The original meaning of wealth and well-being is not a static noun but a verb. The intention matters most not your present state or circumstances. So, for instance, if you experience lack of health, vitality or financial resources now, your intention to expand in these areas is the foundation of well-being and wealth. Well-being and wealth are derived from your state of mind or consciousness, not that which is external. True prosperity starts within the mind and means more than just money, although money is also an aspect of true wealth.

Character qualities such as compassion, ideas, dreams, wishes and thoughts are all important parts of your prosperity consciousness. So whenever you focus your attention on a specific idea, wish or dream, it can become real. Nevertheless, how you tap into your inner power, inner energy centres, Higher Power, and how you develop and express character qualities will affect how, if and when your desired intent will manifest.Bettering yourself depends on a lot of things. It mainly depends on whats holding you back, and how determined you are to make change, but there is always room for improvement. There are many steps to self improvement, all of which rely on your commitment.

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