Are You Worried About Your Hairs?

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Ingesting it and applying it directly to the hair helps promote growth and repair damage caused by external agents. Apple vinager Apple cider vinegar is also a precious ally for hair, even for those with dandruff problems; Just prepare a solution composed of equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water to apply to all hair after normal washing. Water with onion Like vinegar and some vegetable oils, onion stimulates natural hair growth , giving shine. For the application, simply cook a few onions in a pot with plenty of water . After boiling, filter the liquid. 

Are You Worried About Your Hairs?

Use the water obtained to rinse the hair and then wash it with the usual shampoo. Who does not want to wear a long, beautiful and shiny hair? Read this article carefully because this is for you. Some conditions such as hair loss caused by stress, poor diet, a side effect of a medication, major surgery, pregnancy, menopause, a medical condition such as lupus or thyroid problems or lack of iron can Make your hair fall out. Also, using the wrong shampoo, full of harmful chemicals, can stimulate the sebaceous glands instead of nourishing and cleaning it and your scalp produces more fat. The good thing is that there are homemade treatments that help us combat this problem of hair loss. Today you will learn how to prepare a very effective natural remedy to grow your hair quickly. In addition, it will help you stop its fall. Now, I want you to know that people lose about 100 hair daily, of the more than 100,000 that make up the scalp (the average is 250 hairs per square centimeter). 

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