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asked Oct 12, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by alerieoberts (120 points)

Alpha Testo Boost  There are many supplements that will speed up healing. Research has shown that digestive enzymes will help injuries. They act as anti-inflammatories and will even help reduce cancer. Another big one, albeit through a separate mechanism, is glucosamine and chondroitin. These are more applicable to the joint (as is collagen); whereas, enzymes (specifically bromelain) will act on the tendons. Fats are also important. Fish oils and GLA have been shown T Levels have a potent anti-inflammatory effect. Other supplements include Vitamins C (2 grams) and E (800 IU's), MSM, reishi mushroom, cat's claw, tumeric, feverfew but the dosage used will depend on the injury.

Oysters - These are absolutely packed with zinc and also have hefty amounts of protein and magnesium. This is the reason why oysters are known as being an aphrodisiac. It is because they have a direct effect on testosterone levels.

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