Abs, Are They All They Are Made Out to Be?

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asked Sep 14, 2019 in 3D Segmentation by jeromeprincy (6,240 points)

If only slimming and weight loss could be more  FloraSpring simple. Well, it can; it is not some secret mystery that weight loss gurus will all claim to have been the only ones to have unraveled. So let me start by telling you something you already know, - something so amazingly obvious that it's a wonder that the weight business is the mega million bucks industry that it is today.  When you eat you take in calories, and as you progress through your day, through exercise, you burn off calories. If you take in more calories through eating, than you burn off through exercise, then the excess calories store up in your body as fat, and you gain weight. Now, is that something you didn't already know? Are you stunned by my in depth knowledge of weight control? The answer to both questions is almost certainly "no".

You will have taken many, many months or even years to have acquired your excess weight, and most people fail in their attempts to lose that weight because they try to lose in a week or two, something which took years to accumulate. Obviously you will not want to take years to reduce your weight to it's correct level, but if you take the proverbial step backwards and take a good look at the situation, will it really matter if it takes a couple of months to get down to your target weight? 

In most cases the answer is, once again "no", and that same answer will apply to some more questions, as well. Do you want to choose some rigorous, disciplined plan that will cause you a lot of inconvenience? Do you want to have to prepare one meal for yourself, and something different for the rest of the family? Do you want to eat boring food? Do you want to spend ages in the Supermarket studying food labels? Do you want a simple, easy to follow plan that allows you to enjoy your favourite foods? Now I've found a "yes", haven't I?


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