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Always Lean keto During the eight hours or more you spend sleeping each night, your body's metabolism decreases by about ten percent. This is at least eight hours in which you are not eating. Many people wake up and skip breakfast all together or wait until they have completed their other morning rituals. Considering that your metabolism can drop by 40 percent after twelve hours of not eating, this is a recipe for fat loss failure. In order to combat this extreme drop in metabolism, you should eat as soon as you wake up without delay. The morning doesn't have to start with a gigantic meal. If you are pressed for time then opt for a whey protein shake or meal replacement powder. An AM protein shake can deliver much needed amino acids and stabilize blood sugar levels, all beneficial to anyone who is seeking to lose fat.Eat more frequently. Each and every time you eat, your body reacts to the intake of food by increasing metabolism in order to use the food for energy. Those who eat "three square meals per day" will experience only three "metabolic surges" and thus will spend a large portion of the day with their metabolism operating at less than maximum capacity. When you divide your food consumption into six meals each day, you ensure that your body is constantly working to process food. If you are eating anything less than six meals each day, and not eating every 2-4 hours, then you're body is not optimized for fat burning.

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